P-40 Warhawk - first trying 1/48 again


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Mar 21, 2021
I started a P-40 Warhawk. It is the Airfix Curtis Tomahawk kit, but I am converting it to a US Warhawk. I did not realize the that Airfix made the Warhawk version until it was too late. I used 3rd party 3D decals for the cockpit. These are "Kit- Linx" brand. I do not like them as much as the Qunita Studio ones I am using on my F4F-3 Early I am working on.

The fit on this kit has some problems, but I am working through them. The worst was the cockpit by the head rest. It was out of line and I had to use super glue to get to to line up with the airframe.
Several gaps too.



Try an old Revell kit from the 80's-90's, this one will feel like a cake walk.

Your build is looking great, keep posting pics.
A good start!
I'm surprised by the fit issues you had. I wonder if you got a bad pop. I don't remember reading about any major fit problems with the kit.
I think some Hyperscalers complained about shapes in places, but not the fit. Those fuselage pieces covering the engine look pretty loose. I'll have to look at the one I have in the stash and see if mine looks like that, too.

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