New Feline Family Member - Kenji


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Jan 6, 2012
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Picked Kenji up yesterday and we have him in the upstairs “nursery” for now until we think he and our other cat are ready to meet.
He’s a ten week old male Tonkinese kitten.
Me and the wife are taking 2 hour shifts in the room with the little guy with the other spending time with Kobe, our other almost two year old male Tonkinese, who isn’t sure what’s going on yet.
He can definitely “smell” something’s up though on my clothing.
Here are a few pics of Kenji.

Kenji Nap Time
by Steve J, on Flickr

Kenji Cuddles
by Steve J, on Flickr

A short video...

Kenji with Spring Ball
by Steve J, on Flickr

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