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May 14, 2009
Hello faithful viewer,

Since the Republic Star Destroyer is going to take a back bench once I get home next Friday, I thought I would post some of my past exploits. Some are still in the build queue, some are finished, and two are even considered a military artifacts!

Are you comfortably seated? Then we'll begin:

First Off, here is a 1/2500 Ambassador class I had envisioned as a mirror universe ship:


Sadly, the decals didn't cooperate and I was in a bad place at the time so it didn't survive :(

Secondly, here is my 1/1400 NX-01 from Thomas Models

I was really happy on how the base turned out

A very nice kit, I can't say enough good things about it!

Here is something that is nearing completion, my BSG MK I-D Viper (My in-between for the MK I and MK II)

...did I mention that she's lit? (Using April's excellent exhaust inserts -Cheetah Production-)

and a little jiggery-pokery on my behalf in the cockpit:

This bird is just waiting for a bit more weathering and a proper display base! Soo close!

Now for a real little gem! This is a Revell Easy-Kit:

All the goodness of the big one, just scaled down! I ended up picking up a couple and am planning to do a light up "a la Kitty"! (that girl's work is just plain inspiring!)

Now for the artifacts (anything that is donated to the military get cataloged, and preserved as an artifact. Pretty cool IMHO)

-Both of these kits are based off of the 1/72 Revell (Nee Matchbox) Flower Class Corvette. Both have been extensively modified:
The first one, the HMCS Regina, or as I like to call it, the Bondo-Bow (It had to be built up to represent a late model corvette with an increased sheer and flair to the bow:

The next one is the HMCS Sackville , circa 1942, prior to its refit in Galveston, Texas. The main bit of surgery here was to backdate the hull by moving the fosc'le break to just ahead of the bridge, and building much of the superstructure from scratch.

The Sackville is by far my favorite, the seamanship school even had a plexi display case built for it.

and for those who said,"Hey, that's not the Sackville!", here is my first Flower Class I built, same scale, but converted to R/C:

Thanks for looking faithful viewer. If you want to see any more pictures, just let me know and I can start an individual post
Wow, seriously good modelling there. The lit up engines look really great and both the ships look awesome.

Thanks for sharing.
Now that's Class! Beautiful builds and the "Sackville" is just really magic. Did my trade as a Marine Engineer as a young man so old ships really get me every time. Would love to see some more pics of that please. 8)
Hi darph bobo and welcome to the herd of happiness.
What can i say. Works of art mate works of art! :eek:
I'm with shark on this one, the ships look absolutely gorgeous, excellent work!

Wow cool! I really love that viper. Great mix between the old and the new one. I also like all those little decals on it. Reminds me a lot about today's airplanes. Very great. Oh and the boats are especially well painted. Great stuff there.
The Viper decals were bought from the Starship Modeler store, they were a nice mix of the classic emblems and the TNS fonts and airframe markings.

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