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May 6, 2009
Hi Herders,
I've tried a technique that I've seen on net. It involves using half a model and a first surface mirror to create a really cool effect,just let your imagination run wild.
I started off small just to try out the technique, using a revell minikit of the airbus A380.


I thined out the winglets

And reduced the size of the engine supports

This is the first surface mirror, note no ghosting.

Lengths of sprue added to the inside of the fuselage, fixed with Araldite resin. The mirror is then drilled to correspond with the sprue supports. Note the model has to be as flat as possible to create a believable image, the tail had to be filed thinner as it was molded complete and not in half.

Once attached to the mirror the sprue was trimmed to length and melted with a hot screwdriver to create a riveting bond on the back to hold the model to the mirror.
Go outside and find some clouds and hey presto ;D
And from the top!
Enjoy Joolz
Haha! Awesome! I have seen some Star Wars Mirr-A-Kit things already, but your's looks much more excellent. I really like the sky in the mirror on your photographs and the airplane itself seems to mirror quite perfectly. Really cool!
How did you drill the holes in the mirror without breaking the glass? What bit did you use? And lastly how thick is the mirror? I really like it as you can tell.
Thanks folks, glad you had the same reaction that I had when I 1st saw one. :eek:
Shark said:
How did you drill the holes in the mirror without breaking the glass? What bit did you use? And lastly how thick is the mirror? I really like it as you can tell.

Shark, easy mate. The mirror is a polystyrene mirror, so a dream too cut with a sharp craft knife and even easier to drill, just mount it to a thin sheet of wood to make it rigid. Its difficult to find but http://www.flytelinemodels.com/affstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5&products_id=5 is the place I found to get it in the US and here for all of us in the UK http://www.mutr.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=2_446&products_id=764 and its cheap in the UK.

It certainly brings a whole new level to modelling and I'm already on with my next one, I'm hooked ;D

PS any questions just ask ;)
That is one of the coolest model mounts I've ever seen. Well done.

I love this forum. So many great ideas. Thanks for sharing that.
I had Flash backs from those MirAkit a long time ago....

But your technique is Much better.... Very Kool in deed ! and takes half the space !

Keep them Coming !
Glad you all like it! ;D
Im currently building a M.I.D. of a flying fortress. I will post pics soon. ;)

PS Shark did you get hold of any 1st surface mirror yet?
No not yet. I was laid off for waaaaaay to long, so I have to keep my spending in line until I pull up out of my dive! But believe me I can't wait. I have a very simple 1/72 SR - 71 Blackbird that comes with no landing gear. That is going to be my first shot, seeing as how it needs to be depicted in flight anyway. Patience is a good thing... right?

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