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May 12, 2009
yep this section looked empty so here is some filler so this section is lonely anymore (or jealous or whatever it now has something in it)


ok guys there is something to fill this section with. I have a bunch more stuff, but dont want to bore ya. I see this site is just getting off the ground and i hope it goes real far.
ok guys I am so so sorry I didnt see only four pics per post.....is there anyway to fix this???? not real computer savy. I didnt mean to break any rules, but I didnt read the specs till after I posted. again sorry
But wow, that looks gorgeous. :eek: That's a Games Workshop kit? Love the painting of it. Very great stuff. Would love to see your other stuff as well.

EDIT: About the Pictures. Well you can edit your post and post the other pics as links only.
no this kit was for confortation (spelling is off) but it is a rackam kit. I think the customer picked it up on sale for like 95 bucks. Ya I know pricey but it was a solid piece of resin, you could knock out the guy across the table from you if you caught him cheating ::)

I really had fun doing it, took less than a week to do (it was christmas time and I was trying to make his christmas) he was shocked when I told him to pick it up at the game store it was done. he said no way did u mess it up dude i wanted it to be special. well when he went and looked at it he called me and waited 6 hours for me to close my shop and get there to thank me personally and to this day it is still sitting in the display case at our game store. I feel bad I wanted him to enjoy it but he says he wants everyone to enjoy it so........ but thanks guys I'm glad you liked it
Great introduction, welcome to the forums. This is a great piece of work with an excellent paint job.

As far as I'm aware, it is only attachments that have a limit, not pictures linked from image hosters e.g Photobucket.
Hi Bootlegtattoo,
What a cool Beast, would make a sound pet eh, or anti theft devise for a car.
Love the paint job, dam standards are high round here.

Beautiful Beast Dude. 8) What I am even more interested in is in your folder of tools. Nice! Dental wax workers or something else?
that is a gale force nine set of sculpting tools. i dont get to use them much but i had a few extra bucks when i saw em so i grabbed em knowing one day they would come in handy. the right tool for the right job

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