Kat and the Dragon


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Apr 24, 2009
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Name of Build: Kat and the Dragon

Kit manufacturer: Marcelo Barbosa

Scale: approx 1/7

Resin model I purchased off of Ebay from a skilled gentleman in Brazil.

It shows Kitty Pryde from the X-men, and her dragon companion Lockheed "phasing" through a rooftop

Decided to go with black for her costume this time on a whim, using copper for the buckles.
Her flesh is the old Ral Partha "Noble Flesh".
Her hair was painted in with a base brown, then given a black wash followed by a red drybrush

The purple used on Lockheed was a custom mix based on my own preferences. THis was washed over with the leftover red wash from another build.
His eyes were picked out in bright yellow. And, being true to his comic incarnation, they have no pupils.

Final Images