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From the HBO series Game of Thrones, this is another kit from Gillman Productions. He came in two parts - the bust and the base. Once again, it's a very clean kit with one tiny bubble, and seam lines that are extremely thin.

I was wondering if I made the the burn mark was too red. Looking over all the pics of this character; over the seasons his burn mark seemed to go from red and fresh, to pale and dry and back again. So however you want it to look, you're good to go.

Thanks for looking.
If you'd like to see WIPs, just have a look here:


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Wonderful work you've done there!

They must have made the bust based on his appearance in the first series as they reduced the size of the scar in later seasons as it was taking to long to apply in the make-up department. I talked to Rory McCann the actor who plays the hound one day about it as he lives nearby to me.

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