Godzilla 1995 Diorama

Sweet! Way out of my price range. There's one now on eBay for $2400. I'd like to find one of the 20" Kaiyodo Godzillas.
Grendels said:
You must have one understanding wife!!
I really do,I have one room that is my studio, another for part of my collection. I also collect audio gear but that is another story. I also have a shop that is full of my "stuff" but I had a huge rat invade it and they love resin. I guess I lost almost 5000.00 of Rare kits. Killed the rat but not till after major destruction. He ate the fingers off about six of my Godzilla vinyl kits but only the fingers. I started going threw all the kits out there and seeing what I can salvage because I have close to 30 years of kits stored.
I was a partner in a garage kit company called SFR(SOUTHERN FRIED RESIN). We produced our on line of garage kits back in the 90's and my wife really helped us out.
Finished my helipad.
Here are my 1/144 scale helicopters using prop blur props to simulate prop motion. Thought they look pretty cool.

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