Free Containers


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May 7, 2009
. . .but you gotta hurry! The clear to opaque 35mm film containers make great container for paint, as the snap lid is almost air tight. ( I have had a mix in one for almost 2 months with no ill effects). Also the small depression on the top is great for CA and the glue WILL NOT stick to the top,it peels right off when dry.
The inside of the cap can be used for a wash or smaller mixture of paint, snap the bottom on to keep it from drying out.
I put a piece of steel wool in one with some water, seal up the top and wait. . .ta da RUST! Real rust too!
Why hurry? Digital is taking over and the 35mm containers are going to be few and far between. I have a deal with the photo lab at the local big box store. The amount I get now is way down, I used to get a big bag once a week now I get a small bag maybe once a month.

Avoid the black ones with grey tops, the do not seem to be as air tight. . .

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