Flames of War

Just to let you know I merged the two topics you started into this one in the Gaming forum.

You have made this scene with incredible realism. The scale is 15mm? Wow... great job. ;)

Yeah thats no problem. I was not sure where it belonged and I had posted in the other forum first.

Yes indeed this is 15mm. I specialize in making terrain for 15mm (Flames of War) but I am looking to branch out and expand my skills.
15mm! Gulp!
I would have guessed 72nd! Very impressive.
I have some stuff in 48th I started for Combat Command but there is no one around here that is into Wargames. . .
Not sure where you are...but we are always willing to have people join into our games. We have lots of extra armies that people are welcome to use.
A lot of modellers would struggle to get this level of realism in their 1:35 dioramas, me included.

Excellent work mate. ;)

Hey Chas,
Thanks a lot. I was just online watching your vids, hahaha. Small world. I would love to hook up and do some joint ventures with your show I think you got a real good thing going there.

Shawn Morris
Thanks! Yea that would be cool. It's not really a show though... still plagued by audio problems and time constraints, so it's not going to be a regular thing.

Do you make YouTube modelling vids?
Yeah - I haven't for some time but I will start again now that I have a better shop. Your actually a subscriber, I am the TheTerrainGuy.

Well I am here in Canada.

I was thinking you did the Rubbish In Rubbish Out vids.