emergency pin vice.

I have several Pin Vices and have in fact found the collet sometimes too small to hold a larger drill or too large to hold a small one. In those cases the X-acto hadles with the X type collets work well. Especially if I need it for only a few holes and my pin vices are already "In Use".
Is that what you mean Bob?
well, for a while i had no small pin vice collet (i blame the carpet monster) and i would just put the mini bit into a exacto knife and and make shure its straight. dremel solved all those problems though. :p:p
I've used this DIY version of a pin vice till i stabbed it into my knuckle twice in as many weeks so I went out and got myself 2 pin vices. Still keep stabbing me fingers, clumsy i guess.

I've done this for years, actually.
In fact, I used to keep on exacto handle available with my 1/16" bit inside it full time.

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