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May 7, 2009
I have an idea for a Diorama but have a question. I would like to do a dio of Hilts after he hits the fences on the motorcycle. my question is can I get a kit of a bike that would be accurate. I know they used a Triumph modified, but is there one avialable? Or should i use a german bike?
What a great idea. I will keep my eye out for a Triumph model, cause off the top of my head I can't remember seeing one. If you use a different bike manufacturer it will look totally different. The German bikes are not vertical twins like the Trump, and a Harley is a V. Let's see if we can find a vertical twin at least.
This would be a great kit it's vintage but it's a britsh twin http://www.vmandm.com/shop.php?moreinfo=28184
This is big 1/8 but is almost perfect http://www.vmandm.com/shop.php?moreinfo=22585

the tank is wrong on this one and the engine is a single not twin but might be convertable
same with this one http://www.greatmodels.com/~smartcart/cgi/display.cgi?item_num=TAM89548

This one is a close look. The forks are to thick, but it is a vert twin http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10010735
I like the idea of a german bike, I'm not good enough to do motorcycle conversion, I wouldn't know where to begin. the 1/35th scale size would be good as I could get figures easily. thanks for all the input. I'll have to get going on this.
BTW, you guys are good! I forgot to mention the movie I was thinking of but you seemed to know what it was.
Hey Shark, thanks for all those links. Never knew there were so many bike kits out there apart from Tamiya's.

Chas ;)
That is a marvelous idea

As for the bike, the fact that the filmcompany couldn't find a DKW and used a custom made mockup doesn't mean you can't, you'd be doing better than they did if you use a DKW model, it's the idea of the wire and the execution that's gonna count, not the exactness of the bike, which you can never get right anyway since it was custom made :)

I'll be looking out for your steve in barbed wire :)
I'll start searching for a bike and some figures. I think I will go with a german bike to make it more "real". Now I guess i'll have to watch "The Great Escape".. you know for the research :)
What a great idea for a diorama!

If you're looking for German bikes in 1/35, I'm pretty sure Tamiya makes both the BMW and Zündapp bikes the Wehrmacht used, as single-seaters and with sidecars, too.

I ordered a German Motorcycle and Orderly set the other day and found info on making barbed wire so I"m on my way. I'll post more info as I get started. Thanks for the help.

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