Desert Rat WWII bust

Nice one Chas.
I've got a few figures to tackle, but I feel that I've got to hone my skills a bit more yet, to be able to do justice to the resin. I'm off to practice.

Cheers Joolz.
Wow, that looks really gorgeous. Sorry for not reading the post in its entirety, but is that completely painted with oil or acrylics? ???
Hey guys, I forgot to mention that this is not my own work! This is Mark's (a talented painter on HF).

Eland, I believe it is in acrylics.

Awesome eh?

One day mate, one day! I might make it?
Till then read, practice, read, practice, read, practice, read, practice, read, practice. ;D
You will mate. Reading is very important, but as you practice you will develop your own preferred way of doing things. So don't get too hung up about following the steps to the last detail.

Best luck,

Chas ;)
Excellent work ,I know this is a lot larger than most models. but i think you have really used this to your advantage and produced an outstanding looking finished job and keep up the great work .

My grandfather and his 4 brother fought in north Africa, and going by some of the stories iv been told this seems pretty much on the money ;)

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