DeLorean steering wheel putty?


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May 6, 2009
I need to do a little work on a steering wheel that comes with the Aoshima 1/24 scale delorean from back to the future, i need to putty the square crevises that make the wheel inaccurate. Basically i need it to be smooth, will milliput do the job or should i get a new putty?
Isn't this part kinda... tiny? I always wondered how you sand tiny parts after putting putty on them. Also, if it's tiny, putty may be a bit too thick for it. Some people I know use CA glue or even that "Whiteout" stuff secretaries (with sexy legs and short skirts...hmm..) use.
I use Mr Surfacer fine white, then nail polish remover to get rid of the excess afterit is dried and ta da, really smooth.
Might have to test other putties to see if it will work as well, I think Tamiya White putty and Squadron White are acetone based.
the king of all kings...aves apoxie sculpt! Oh holy of holiest two part epoxies...Summon thee and thy worries be banished.... the stuff is great...
My experience with two part epoxies is not good.
(Money wasted on Milliputt. . .Twice)
I like the Mr Putty stuff. So far it hasn't failed me and my clumsy attempts to create havoc.
I do have that Mr. Putty as well. Is it normal, that it dries very fast? I must be really fast, when using it. ???
Aves rocks.
I have tried milliput too, but that stuff is bad news.
Aves is real good 2component epoxy putty and if you get the thinner you can thin it so you can brush it on even :)
I love that suff, great for sculpting figures too and it comes in lots of different colors.

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