Couple things for sale


Eyeballs deep in muddy waters...
Apr 28, 2011
Prefer to keep in N. America. Paypal preferred and no trades at this time please. Prices are USD and do NOT include postage. Send me a PM with your zip code and I'll reply with a shipping quote.

1/32 Revell 4749 P-38J -- $20 - open box, factory sealed bags except canopy which is in Ziploc bag.

1/32 ROG 04722 P-47D -- $20 - open box, open bags. Includes Black Magic canopy & wheel mask set.

1/32 Hasegawa ST5 P-51D -- $15 open box, no bags. Missing prop blades, but I have a leftover prop from Trumpeter P-47 I can include; also has partial Eagle Strike 32045 Blue Nose Bodney (missing generic decals, all 3 aircraft specific decals still on sheet.

1/32 Black Box CS32011 F/A-18A Hornet conversion set --$40 NEW

1/48 Hasegawa 09350 P-51D Miss America - $32 open box, sealed bags - Special Version with white metal wingtips needed to make race plane

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