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May 27, 2009
what would be the best way to take chrome off of parts? i am building an old honda hatchback tuner and i wanna take the chrome off the wheels and paint them. the obvious answer would be to sand it off but i know there has to be some chemical that will disolve it or something. Or can i just paint right over the chrome?
Westley's Bleech White. Works like a champ. Pour it into a bowl then put in the parts and let them soak.
Soak the parts in Coka Cola for a couple or three days. You will have to weigh the parts down however, the plastic will want to float.
MrNatural said:
interesting thank you very much?

Coca Cola, its a really bad method. Use Easy off oven cleaner, spray it into a zip lock bag (held away from your face) containing the parts and massage them from the outside. This method will only take minutes and will not be sticky like Coke.

Coke dosent work well anyway.

Trust me. Easy off is the way to go! :)
No trust me use Westley's Bleech works perfect...ha ha ha...i've only used easy off to remove cosmoline off an old garand i refurbished, never tried it on chrome parts. With Westley's they werent sticky either. Either way i guess dont use Cola. Cool thing about this always learn something new in every post.
I say oven cleaner because it will be much easier and more commonly available. Either way, its your decision. If this dude claims it works then it must work...
well coke is all i happen to have off hand when i get some extra cash i will pick up some oven cleaner. im ganna try the coke first just cause im curious to see if it actually works.
Simple Green works well also. Straight Ammonia works, but is obviously hard on the lungs. It is what I have used in the past, but I am almost out, so my next bottle will be Simple Green cleaner.
I've used the coke in the past (to strip the chrome off of some for the parts on my Polar Lights D-7 kit). As I said before, it's not the fastest method, it strips chrome in days vs. hours (I'm sure the wheel cleaner and Easy off will work WAY faster) but coke is inexpensive, and it's not noxious smelling. If you do try it, just be patient. The stickyness can be removed with a warm water wash.

I originally read about this method on the Starship Modeller website:

I had sucess with it, let us all know how it goes for your build.
its been about three days since i put my parts in the coke i just checked them and it appears to be working im ganna give it another day or two just to be sure.
Can you post a picture of the parts? Just so everyone can see how much chrome has been removed in the time that it has been soaking.
ok so sadly i dont have any pics but i gotta say the coke worked out pretty good. it took most of the chrome just took a little sanding to get the rest and now my wheels are good to go :)
I've used easy off oven cleaner before - works fast. Great for stripping paint too.
Sometimes it depends on the company's chrome.
I usually use common household bleach, removes chrome fast! I mean you can watch it leave the parts. It works that fast on AMT/MPC/ and Revell that well. Tamiya takes a few minutes, Revell of Germany does also. Hasagawa, man, I have had some stuff just cling! But it will come off if you let it soak over night.
Simple Green will work but it takes a while and doesn't smell as bad. IT will remove paint also so be careful.
The Bleach white works but it is more expensive than house hold bleach, I can buy a gallon for a $1.
If you run into any problems with a tuff chrome, the easy off will take care of it, but it is very caustic and hurts your lungs so be careful.
No matter what you use, rinse the parts good and use an old toothbrush to get all the goo off. Allow to dry and prime.
If you want the part rechromed use ALCAD it is awesome.
I know this is an old topic, but I feel compelled to reply anyway. I use Brasso - this doesn't have any real harmful effects on plastic, as this can also be used to polish watch bezels. I use it with a toothbrush, the results are almost instant - no waiting, or slimy film, or caustic residues that bleach, or colas will leave. You'll want to use it outside, as it does have a slightly strong ammonia odor to it. You can use a tissue, a cotton swab, or rag to remove chrome plating of any kind from even delicate parts. I suggest killer chrome from - it's brighter, and easier to use, and it does look EXACTLY like true chrome plating!

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