C3PO Rebuild.


May 6, 2009
Finished this today, :)
Bought the kit of e-bay for £3.00, the kit had been started by somebody who has shares in poly cement, doesn't own a knife or a file.
After taking the kit to pieces I had to clean up the mess and fill and sand and fill and sand and fill and sand some more. While watching Scott light up the X-wing I had a strong urge to light up 3PO's eyes. This is the 1st lit-up model I've built, start off simple eh? Well here it is, sorry for the photo quality (I would normally blame the camera, but its all down to me).
Hope you like?

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This one came out pretty nice. Love the weathering and the paint detail you got on this one.

I've never worked on a model that someone else started, but I applaud you for the patience and the will power to turn this kit around with a fantastic finish. Can't wait to see what else you've got on the bench.
WoW! Very nice! Now make him talk.... :D That would get a little annoying. Take care!
Really cool. Is this the old MPC kit? Love to build him and R2 and scratch build an escape pod some day.
Morning Scott,
Its the same kit you showed me on Blog TV the other night.
Normally goes for about £25 to £35.
After my attempts with EGGTODEETO in the comp, I feel like scratching R2, as the 3po kit is so out on accuracy.
Cheers Joolz.
I love this kit....Spent my hard earned car washing money on this kit...Used the old Revell paint...for some reason i thought that putting it out in the sun with aluminum foil under it would help it along in drying...Hmmmm I learned real fast what the Hawaiian sun does to styrene in a couple of hours...Plus i think there were a couple of grass bugs stuck to the paint.....Long story short..I still have the instruction sheet.

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