Botany Bay

May 8, 2009
Just finished a build of the Botnay Bay for a friend. 1/1000 from... ah, I can't remember. Alliance, I think? Anyway, it's an easy build with only six pieces. A little rattle can, three shades of pastels, a little resin base & volia! Instant coolness. ;D It's hard to see in the pics, but the mesh antennas are drybrushed with gold.


Like I said, not hard at all, but it's nice to get something actaully finished for a change. I'm just way too picky sometimes. ::) A couple more pics are here:

Sorry about the size of the pics, but I can't figure out how to do the thumbnail thing. :-\
Looks great one of the better ships from TOS trek. Not just sticks and plates. Good stuff

Since its finished im going to move it to the finished section.
You really sharpened your pencil on that one! I likes it. Cool design and a great build.

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