Battlestar Valkyrie


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Apr 24, 2009
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Category: Sci-fi

Name of Build: Darph Boboès Contest Build-O-Rama (#2)

Kit manufacturer: Timeslip Creations

Scale: 1:4105

This is Timeslip Creations' Battlestar Valkyrie. The kit is an OOB build, the only deviation was to cut a notch out of the bottom of the hull to accept a Moebius "Aurora Style" base and the addition of fibre optic strands to simulate the antenna arrays (?) and the aft end of the flight pods.
The kit was primed in white, thsn detail painting was done in gunmetal, anthracite grey, flat black and metallic blue. Once dry, this was oversprayed with Testor's Graphite Dust (Thanks Quaralane!)
The exhaust nossles were touched up with flat white and then a wash of clear blue was added to simulate the engines running.
The red banner striped and colonial marnings were added and everything was sealed in Tamiya flat clear

Final Images


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