BAe Harrier GR Mk. 7 Mini-Diorama (Revell 1/144)


May 6, 2009
Here's my second build ever. A 1/144 Harrier from Revell, which was a really cool kit. But honestly: I don't want to put something that tiny together ever again. Kudos to all 1/144 builders. The parts are sooo tiny. The decals are sooo tiny and everything is sooo fragile. Incredible.

I took the chance to actually try to scratchbuild my very first base back then. I used some 5 mm PVC stuff from work, placed some sandpaper on it and scratchbuilt stuff like boxes, a weird container thing, a latter (which is awfully wrong, too) and a weird rail thing. I also added 1/144 ground personal (US Army, I guess?) from Preiser.

In the end the base took longer, than the harrier, but who cares.



More pics!
Wow. I really like that. Well worth putting the effort into that base.
Awesome build of both the kit and the base.

Even more awesome when you consider it is the tiny 1/144th scale! :eek:
Might I add to the above: really awesome for the fact that it was only your second build. 1/144 is too crazy for me but you seem to be able to manage it very well!
Know what you mean about 1/44th... have a couple tank kits that I am scared to touch. They even have PE...

Very convincing work on the diorama base... sets off all the work you did on the aircraft very nicely. Very nice work.

Impressive work, you have packed a lot of detail into such a tiny model and diorama. It looks real good mate.

Chas ;)
That would be impressive at any larger scale but at 1/144 that's simply outstanding! 8)
Nice dio,

excelent work there.
Und so klein, wirklich :)

Why use a name like misery?
Is that how you feel? you shouldn't, that is some mighty nice work there.

Might i ask where you got those figures?
I'm looking for some pilots and crew in 1:144 scale.
i'm not realy content with the N scale unpainted figures i got from china.
Kitty: I am not elend, because I feel like it, but because I look like it. ;)

The 1/144 ground crew is from a german company called "Preiser". They are really well molded and come in a package with around 10 figures. They have civilian crews, World War II US Airforce and some other stuff as well. I used the US Airforce pilot and groundcrew set, because I didn't care about too much accuracy.,Preiser+1:144,96E97D7FBF97BDDB62E32689D952411D,de.html

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