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May 6, 2009
Yo, I got some Aves apoxie sculpt (im one of you know he he he) and I am having trouble with sanding it, its rock hard when it cures.

Does anyone know how to remedy this? am I doing something wrong do you think?

I need some help please


the aves is ALL OVER my batmobile 1989 style finsto get rid of the seam lines from the inner fins attach pointss. its chucked on pretty thick...is there ANY way to remove aves other than sanding?

I have never really used a dremel, but it could be a possibility :)


Did you buy the Cleaner agent that comes with the BRAND ???

it basically dillutes it ! and helps clean ups after use...

and while puttying it all over your model.... water is your friend...

you should of experimented a little before commiting to a real model !

Scrapping it with an Xacto knife works very well... it's a sculpting compound after all !

but I would try the Cleaning compound first ! to try Re activating it !!!

Hope this helps...

Starship modeler Store sells that stuff !

best of luck !!!
You know what..I never bought the clean up stuff. Just filed it way down. It looks virtually flawless now.

Thanks :)
One thing I do to limit how much filler/putty contact I get on my models, is I do a really rough masking job around the effected area with plain old masking tape. I remove the tape with any excess putty - while it is still wet. I use the squadron green putty, have not tried this with Aves however.
I find that it helps to cut down on the sanding, and rescribing.

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