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Jun 10, 2013
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Name of Build: Love from the Firs Sight

Kit manufacturer: Hasegawa

Scale: 1/35

This is a small dio I have built using the two two 1/35 "Gustav" Ma.K. suits I had received from my SMA Secret Santa in.
It depicts a scene of some spaceships interior divided into two zones - one habitable, and the second is a maintenance one, with no air and gravity. There is a piece of a wall between those two with a large panoramic window.
The guys in the suits are working in the zero-g zone. One is welding something inside the opened maintanance panel, flying freely in the zero-g environment and hanging with a spare hand no to fly away from his working zone. Another one is standing nearby helping him and using his magnetic boots to stay on the surface.
The crewmember girl is walking by over the corridor of the habitant ship's sector, heading somewhere about her business with a pad in her hand. She turns her head, sees one of the workers and gives him a smile. Bam! The guys heart is hit to the depth with a love from a first sight, his hands and legs are getting weak and he drops the instrument from his hand, which starts to fly around him freely.
All the interior for the figures has been completely scratchbuilt from spare model parts, styrene sheets of different thickness and lots of different trash I've found over the flat.
I have also added the lighting under the maintenance-area "floor" with a specially programmed PIC microchip to simulate the welding effect.
Everything has been painted with Vallejo and Badger Modelflex Airbrush paints, various products from MiG, AK, Tamiya and Welder have been used for weathering.
Although I haven't finished this build by the initial deadline of the Valentine's day, I've been building this dio with the thoughts of my beloved wife Dana in mind all the way through and devote it to her.

Final Images

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