70's Willys Gasser


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Jun 16, 2010
This is my present build. I am making a car that would have used a left over Willys from the 60's with a freshend up motor. I am also rebuilding a model I finnished a year or so and wasn't quite happy with.

The interior was left pretty much alone.


The enigine is pretty much done. Just deciding to go with a blowers scoop or velocity stacks.


And the chassis. Not going to do anymore detail here. But I did weather it. This is what happens to a car than sits around and is passed hand to hand. They rust. ;D

Looks good! I like your rust treatment, not too much, just the right amount.

What's the donor/original kit that you used?
Thanks Baron. The Donor kit was the Revell 41 Willys Street Rod kit. The front wheels,headers and belt/pullys are from the Revell Willys Gasser kit. The seat is from a Revell Anglia kit I believe. I am putting a big fat set of slicks on the back that could be found on many AMT kits. That is mostly why I am placing this in the 70's. Big tires like that weren't around in the 60's.
Thanks Scott and Caveman. It's in the primer stage at the moment. Hoping to get paint done soon.
Can't go wrong with a Willys. Gonna keep my eyes on this one. Engine looks great!
Thanks Quaralane and CT. I got some paint on it yesturday so there isn't much to show. I used Duplicolor rattle can so I have to let it dry good before I can do anymore.
Got some paint on her. Just some left over Duplicolour. Scratched the scoop and am now applying decals.

Thanks CT

It's finished. I would have liked to been able to put some more 70's looking graphics on it but didn't have the tools to do so. Not liking the orange 100% either. But, all in all I think it came out decent.





Thanks for the visit.
That came out sweet buddy ....I love it ,its got a real gasser stance to it ....perfick ;D

Looks Great To Me!!! Very Wicked Ride!!! Gassers Look Fast Sitting Still. That's Why I Lov'em.
Thanks guys. I decided to get rid of some of the decals, thin them out a little. I think it looks better now. Try to get some pics tomorrow so you can see what I mean.
I see what you mean. Made this excellent build even better!!!

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