1/8 Arima Yuzu (small hide-away)


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Jun 16, 2009
A 1/8 kit of Arima Yuzu from A-brand done with "eyes open" option rather than the one with the eyes closed.

The entire diorama sits on a thick piece of Plaster of Paris -that took forever to sand level.

The small sitting area was made of balsa and stained with Colonial Maple from MinWax. There is a small shelf inside as well.

The seat was created from a mixture of Plaster of Paris and Celluclay -the stuff that looks like drier lint. The seat was a small block that was carved out to match the height of Yuzu's "seat" once the piece solidified. It was then allowed to fully dry, primed, and painted.

The pillow beneath Yuzu is to help stabilize the kit and prevent spacing between the bench and bottom of kit.

The box lunch in made from balsa wood and the chopsticks out of toothpicks that were stained.

Ballast and powders were used as ground cover and a few dried flowers and branches from a craft store were the finishing touch.

BTW that "Love" character on the inside wall is a computer print out cemented onto thick scrapbook stock.

Here is the connection to the same pictures at photobucket:

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Excellent job, Morpheus! The job you did on Arima by herself would have been worthy of congratulations, but even better for the dio! Great job scratching the seat, it looks like a piece of carved stone. For the house, everything, well done!

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