1. Neon

    Primer and Paint Compatibility

    Good evening everyone. I couldn't sit back and watch youtube videos any longer - I finally bought my first kit (Mk. A Whippet in 1:35 by Meng) and have been working on it. I finished the build without any major issues, but now I'm setting up to paint and I'm a little unsure about a few things. I...
  2. Blackcode

    1/35 Tamiya T-55 A

    This is a T-55 A from Tamiya in 1/35 built two years ago. I wanted it very weathered ...::p. PE from ABER , MINIRAT tracks . Tamiya acrylics, AK & MIG pigments; the build and the remaining photos are here : The Build All Photos Cheers ! :cool:
  3. mcirving

    Tamiya Mclaren Senna 1/24

    This little guy had me working like a horse. Besides that my plans are to make it convertible, Tamiya did a good job of breaking it down into small parts and 50 steps on the manual to complete the process. I'm almost done, but I can say it was a very complex kit.