1. P

    Order of paint layers on a scale model

    hi everyone! hope you are all well. I recently started building aircraft scale models, and as im a newbie i watch a lot of videos on YouTube to learn about tips and tricks. One on particular video, I found that the guy is using the different layers of paint in the following format: (layers...
  2. T

    My paint is coming out of the brush and almost becoming a fuzzy hairyness before hitting the piece.

    As the title says I am having a wierd problem with my paints, i spray it and while it is still coming out of the brush it becomes a sort of cob web. I have a picture but its hard to see the problem.
  3. CY343491

    Lacquer thinner turned brownish

    Hi All, I've bought 10 liters of hardware store type lacquer (cellulose) thinner like 5 years ago, whole batch is in a big tin can. Tin can was rusted over time, so that whole batch turned into transparent brownish color. Does it affect thinner's performance. By the way is there a way to clean...