1. C.A. Whitecloud

    Lacquers, Acrylics, Enamels. Oh my!

    Shall we beat this horse a little more. I'm not even sure where lacquers come into play. Then there's water based acrylic and lacquer based. How do you tell?
  2. Neon

    Primer and Paint Compatibility

    Good evening everyone. I couldn't sit back and watch youtube videos any longer - I finally bought my first kit (Mk. A Whippet in 1:35 by Meng) and have been working on it. I finished the build without any major issues, but now I'm setting up to paint and I'm a little unsure about a few things. I...
  3. CY343491

    Lacquer thinner turned brownish

    Hi All, I've bought 10 liters of hardware store type lacquer (cellulose) thinner like 5 years ago, whole batch is in a big tin can. Tin can was rusted over time, so that whole batch turned into transparent brownish color. Does it affect thinner's performance. By the way is there a way to clean...