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  1. Greysteele

    Old kits

    I've got several geriatric kits in my stash that I plan to build. Oldest is the Aurora Sealab III. There's a reissue of that supposedly in the works, so its value would drop soon anyway.
  2. Greysteele

    Tracking App iPad / iPhone

    Maybe this? There's also some "You might also like" links at the bottom for similar apps. Disclaimer: I have no experience with any of these apps, and I don't use Apple products.
  3. Greysteele

    Oldie but goodie to get me back into the swing of things.

    There's a really good web reference on this kit at It includes some history, buildups, and quite a few kitbashes based on it. I particularly like the kitbash using the engine pods from Fireball XL-5.
  4. Greysteele

    Oil paints and thinner

    Look for the odorless version. Mineral spirits (aka white spirit or mineral turpentine) have a characteristic unpleasant kerosene-like odor. Odorless mineral spirits have been further refined to remove the more toxic aromatic compounds, and is recommended for applications such as oil painting...
  5. Greysteele

    Post your bench!

    Update on my plans to build an airbrush station in my garage. There's a high-CFM, explosion-proof fan behind the filter that exhausts to the outside. The side panels are removable and whole thing folds up flat against the wall when not needed. Not that I've not needed it since it was built...
  6. Greysteele

    Revell 1/72 F-22 Raptor COMPLETED

    Many years ago, I built an Italeri kit of the -22 as a possible future Blue Angels aircraft. I even added a tailhook. Sadly, the Navy never adopted the Raptor.
  7. 2023-09-07 13.27.50.jpg

    2023-09-07 13.27.50.jpg

  8. Greysteele

    Corvette Spyder

    Ditto. That was a crossover year for the 'vette. Last model to have the flat rear end, first with the streamlined rubber front end. Mine was white with red interior.
  9. Greysteele

    Tamiya to RAL

    If you have an Android device, try the Hobby Color Converter app ( It has Tamiya, RAL, and many others. You can search for exact and near matches from more than a dozen hobby paint brands.
  10. Greysteele

    US Tank History in 1:72

    No thoughts or comments? I thought sure *someone* from the tanker community would put in their 2 cents.
  11. Greysteele

    US Tank History in 1:72

    Hi, all. I'm looking for some ideas to expand my collection of 1:72 US tanks. I'm trying to depict the major milestones in US tank development, not every variant. I currently have: -British Mark 1 'Male' (Placeholder for Mark VIII) -M3/M5 Stuart Light Tank -M3 Lee/Grant -M4 Sherman -M24...
  12. 2023-05-18 10.40.06.jpg

    2023-05-18 10.40.06.jpg

  13. Greysteele

    How to thin Tamiya and Gunze paints with IPA

    Every time someone abbreviates isopropyl alcohol as IPA I think they're talking about beer...
  14. Greysteele

    About Model Master Acryl Dried Paint Solvent

    I don't think MM Acryl thinner is compatible with Tamiya acrylic paints. MM was a water-based acrylic and Tamiya is alcohol-based. I'd stick with the Tamiya X20A thinner for Tamiya paints.
  15. Greysteele

    About Tamiya XF-59

    Assuming you're talking about the acrylic and not the enamel... I just bought a bottle from Scale Hobbyist. Both the 10ml and 23ml sizes are currently in stock.
  16. Greysteele

    Micro Motors

    Maybe instead of a mechanical solution, you could use a tiny video screen to play a video clip of a working radar? The folks at TinyCircuits have a small screen (20.1 mm x 13.4 mm) for $60. It even has a speaker.
  17. Greysteele

    Revell's 1:48 B-17G

    We have a joke in our house whenever something has "gone walkabout" like that: "You must have put it someplace safe." Sometimes that means it's safe from being found!
  18. Greysteele

    German Sturmgeschutz IV

    I built that kit (and the Pz IV) when I was a teen, back in the late-60s/early-70s. Nice kit. I remember I used the battle-damaged side armor option. I may have some photos around here somewhere.
  19. Greysteele

    Issue using BlackCatModels website?

    Unless you are using a VPN, the problem likely lies with your ISP. Maybe you could get some help from them?
  20. Greysteele

    Issue using BlackCatModels website?

    What specific URL are you trying to get to? I'm in the US and I'm able to navigate the site ( with no problems.