US Tank History in 1:72


Dec 17, 2022
Hi, all. I'm looking for some ideas to expand my collection of 1:72 US tanks. I'm trying to depict the major milestones in US tank development, not every variant.

I currently have:
-British Mark 1 'Male' (Placeholder for Mark VIII)
-M3/M5 Stuart Light Tank
-M3 Lee/Grant
-M4 Sherman
-M24 Chaffee
-M48 Patton
-M1 Abrams

2023-05-18 10.40.06.jpg

I'm working on a M1918 but it's a horrendous RPM kit with parts that auto-shatter when removed from the sprue. Can anyone suggest a better kit for the M1918 in 1:72?

My plan is to replace the Mark 1 'Male' with a Mark VIII (first US version) but I haven't seen a kit in 1:72 yet. Hence the British placeholder.

I'm about to order a pair of Trumpeter kits (M26A1 Pershing and M46 Patton) unless y'all tell me they are trash to be avoided. I also have a Dragon M103A2 kit on backorder.

What other tanks would fit this collection? Here's a list I'm considering, but I'm having trouble finding most of them in 1:72:
-M1 Combat Car
-T7 Combat Car
-M2 Light Tank
-M2 Medium Tank
-M22 Locust
-M36 Jackson
-M41 Walker Bulldog
-M551 Sheridan

Are any of these too similar to ones already in my collection to warrant adding? Any obvious gaps that can be filled? Any and all suggestions and comments are appreciated.
No thoughts or comments? I thought sure *someone* from the tanker community would put in their 2 cents.

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