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  1. rdk2277

    Fireball SG Dio and Raptor

    very cool indeed.
  2. rdk2277

    Space Pod

    i think that is pretty awesome. i really like the inside.
  3. rdk2277

    Desert Rat WWII bust

    that's scary good.
  4. rdk2277

    Messerschmitt Me 410B-1

    looking great keep it up.
  5. rdk2277

    U.S. Navy SNJ

    you've got skills.
  6. rdk2277

    1/144 Revell Hawkeye

  7. rdk2277


    nice job!
  8. rdk2277

    What's Your Avatar?

    bsg propaganda poster i found online. [attachment deleted by admin]
  9. rdk2277

    About primer

    cool, thanks everyone.
  10. rdk2277

    1/24 TOS VIPER

    really fantastic job!
  11. rdk2277

    My PIG!!

    looks great so far, keep it up.
  12. rdk2277

    About primer

    I'm still relatively new to the hobby and have never used primer before. Could someone tell me the benefits, how to use, when to use etc..
  13. rdk2277

    The Xwing Fighter

    The models coming along nicely.
  14. rdk2277

    3ft SULACO

    That's a beast....I like it. -R
  15. rdk2277

    The Hog

    that's really cool, great job. -R
  16. rdk2277


    That detail is sharp.
  17. rdk2277

    My Panther

    wonderful detail, great job. -R