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  1. MoRon

    New old guy from Missouri

    Thanks Jim! It's good to be alive!
  2. MoRon

    Trumpeter H34 1/48 Scale, reissue.

    Love the exterior detail! Nice work!
  3. MoRon

    42nd Highland Infantry Regiment "Black Watch" at the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815

    Your detail skills are a joy to watch! Thank you so much for sharing.
  4. MoRon

    AMT 1/25 1969 Mach1 Mustang

    A present from my daughter. I had a 69, 390ci. Special order only, when I was in the Air Force in 1970. Sold it when I was discharged, really dumb! I had a couple of great years with it . Anyway, I'm going to start on it next.
  5. IMG_20220909_191250_565.jpg


  6. MoRon

    New old guy from Missouri

    I'll rig up a jig for my drill to spin the tires in the proper direction to scuff them. Sounds good in theory anyway. I'll save the fairing and do all the body coverage at the same time. In the mean time I have a 2005 AMT 1/28th model of a 1969 Mach1 Mustang, so I'll see you over in cars!
  7. MoRon

    New old guy from Missouri

    I think his name is Jenic. He does good work but I don't understand Oriental dialects. So alot is lost to me. I understand scuffing the mold lines out. Maybe he's just dusting them off and I'm over analyzing it. That's a weakness of mine. This thing is rather pricey and I don't want to mess it...
  8. MoRon

    New old guy from Missouri

    I know . That's what grabbed me .. I only get a few pieces a month so I have plenty of time to detail it. I saw videos of a guy detailing it and I like some of what he did. I have the front tire and he scuffed and sprayed it with something but I don't know what. So I think I should wash it and...
  9. MoRon

    New old guy from Missouri

    Recovered enough to start building again. Looking for friendly advice. I've received the first prices of my 1/4 Scale YZR M1. So the adventure begins !