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  1. Dark Kyp

    Star Wars AAT Tank (1/47)

    The paint is really looking good congrats! I would perhaps add a little bit of grease and fire remains here and there. ;)
  2. Dark Kyp

    Star Wars Dwarf Spider Droid

    Looking good! What did you use for the paint?
  3. Dark Kyp

    Death to the Falcon Diorama my version

    I really like the scene! Nice job!
  4. Dark Kyp

    Ford GT40 Mk.II - Le Mans 1966 - Meng 1/24

    good job done here!
  5. Dark Kyp

    1/25 Angela(Marvel Version)

    looking cool! The skin could have a little more contrast at my taste. ;)
  6. Dark Kyp

    Star Wars TX-225 Tank Complete + FULL BUILD VIDEO

    awesome weathering! really a nice job!
  7. Dark Kyp

    Space Ship Crash Site

    really an inspiring job! congrats!
  8. Dark Kyp

    Force Awakens 1/144 Millennium Falcon from Bandai

    Awesome job congrats!
  9. Dark Kyp

    AT-ST 1/47 Complete!

    Awesome result!
  10. Dark Kyp

    H&S carrier

    Hello guys, sorry for the late reply. I did not work on the project those last months. I took time to find little parts to make details. Will restart it during christmas holidays.
  11. Dark Kyp

    Wedge's Boosted T-65 Recon Project

    Love the modifications you have made! Really interresting! :)
  12. Dark Kyp

    Bandai , Mecha Collection # 28 . " Red Thing "

    that metalic paint is looking awesome :):cool:
  13. Dark Kyp

    Star Wars Legion

    looking awesome!
  14. Dark Kyp

    Second Hand AMT Star Wars STAP with Battle Droid

    Here is how I made mine: It is still in progress. I don't know it the position is the good one.
  15. Dark Kyp

    Life size toothfairy by Monster Dork Studio

    thanks for your comment ;)
  16. Dark Kyp

    H&S carrier

    I used smoothcast 300. beware: the curring time is reeeeaaaaaallllllyyyy short. :eek:
  17. Dark Kyp

    Second Hand AMT Star Wars STAP with Battle Droid

    Nice start. ;) You will have to glue the arm indeed. I advise you to build the STAP first. This way you can find the good position for the arms.
  18. Dark Kyp

    H&S carrier

    I don't know yet for the cap. This is more complicated to have it fully hollow inside... I will perhaps make it using styrene. The casting is hollow. Here is how I made it: I prepared the resin, then put it in the bottle. While it was still wet: I turned the bottle to be sure that the resin...
  19. Dark Kyp

    H&S carrier

    I am a big fan of the pcture showing the head and shoulder bottle used as base to make a spaceship So I started it as a project. I first wanted to make the project straight from the shampoo bottle. The fact is that it is realllllllyyyyyy weak. So i use it as a mold. I casted resin in it...
  20. Dark Kyp

    Ian McQue Inspired Flying Rig

    Love it! I can see it floating in the sky!