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    1978 Theodore Racing WR3

    Sweeeet... Nicely done. Look forward to the completion... Makes me want to pull out an old Heller 908 and 917. Good inspiration, I'd say. Thank you.
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    Corporate Alliance Droid - AMT/ERTL - 1:48

    Neat 'How-To', and very nice finished project... Lots of ideas. Thanks for sharing!
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    Welcome to the Forum... You'll find this to be a most excellent site for sharing and learning techniques... Along with some really, REALLY neat folk's -
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    DER HOFNARR ( re-upload of " Modern Snacks ") modified Ma.K. Kuster

    Absolutely an outstanding piece, to-date... Your 'how-tos', is also well done... Love it and look forward to it's completion. Thanks, for sharing!
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    HIMMELSFALKE --- Ma.K. Falke XL

    My opinion [for it's worth], I am enjoying your 'how-to' presentation here, for it provides 'us' builders, with information and techniques, perhaps we, ourselves haven't thought of or realized, in modelling a particular theme/subject. For me, I am all about learning something 'new', or maybe...
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    Something different. H-21 Flying Banana.

    Neat... Nicely done -
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    Do you find cooking and scale modeling are similar?

    Nicely Done... An 'eye-to-detail', as one would say. For 'us' [wife and I], it's pretty basic & simple; However, on those 'special' occasions/events, for Family and friends, it's all out... The china and crystal and silver comes out, along with the linen, and it is anywheres of three days of...
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    Berlin 45

    Very Nice...
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    1/35 Pravda High Scool Katyushas T34/85 Platz

    Nice work - Enjoy the weathering and attention to detail.
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    HIMMELSFALKE --- Ma.K. Falke XL

    This is a really neat build & concept idea, a 'Falke XL'. Do look forward to see it completed; Another excellent build of your's [always enjoy your stuff]. Happy Holidays... And thank you, for sharing your ideas!
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    Doppelkonig mit Pommes

    An 'interim' Super King/Royal Tiger, prior to the fielding of the Landkreuzer P1000 Ratte and the Ratte - Your build here is quite impressive; Looking forward to the finished product. Excellent work!
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    Corporate Alliance Droid - AMT/ERTL - 1:48

    Nicely rendered - Some good work. Thanks for sharing.
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    Bearclaw Class Cutter--USS Talon

    Never would have thought of using Seaquest DSV for a starship... Go figure. Gives us, 'old-timers', more fuel for pondering future builds, from the stash/junk-pile collection, we all seem to accumulate. Nicely done, and thank you for sharing.
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    Imperial fists Space Marine scratchbuild diorama (13th scale - 7")

    Nice build AND an excellent rendered video... Do keep up the good work. Thanks!
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    Batmobile - 1966 Deluxe Edition