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    My collection of Anti-Gravity Vehicles - (UPDATE!!!!!!)

    Those are amazing Very creative
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    1:350 Survey Cruiser (Original Design)

    Thanks for sharing Really nice build great detail
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    Small Scout Ship (Original Design)

    I like it Good job
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    DER HOFNARR ( re-upload of " Modern Snacks ") modified Ma.K. Kuster

    Outstanding work Love the gun detail
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    HIMMELSFALKE --- Ma.K. Falke XL

    Really great work on this cant wait for the finish
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    Corporate Alliance Droid - AMT/ERTL - 1:48

    Really great work on this
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    Sisters of Battle Exorcist Tank

    Looks great Q
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    BSG Mark VIIE Viper (my version)

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    B-Wing Red 7 is now back in service - FINAL Photos

    Really nice great detail
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    Klingon Vor'cha from Star Trek

    Looks ready for the fleet
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    Bandai 1/144 X-Wings

    Look really good
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    Bandai Space Battleship Yamato Mecha Scale Ships

    Looks great Q
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    1/6 scale Bandai Stormtrooper build log.

    Looks really good
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    Watson on Mars

    Looks really good
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    Space Battleship Yamato / Star Blazers

    What a fleet Great work