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    1:12 Bandai Boba Fett

    Looks great, man! The cape looks waaay better, and I love the base.
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    Check this stuff Out !

    I am definitely getting some of that!
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    STAR WARS Flurry Carrier in 1:2256

    Wow! Just knowing the actual size of that thing, it's amazing how much detail there is! I would have thought it was at least twice that size! Nice work!
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    1/144th Prometheus scratch build

    You are insane! I mean it! An absolute nutbar. Having said that - wow! Nice build! Cute little shuttle, too!
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    T-70 X-Wing Blue 4

    Re: T-70 X-Wing Blue 4 - Finished! As for what paint I use - Tamiya spray for base coats and clear coats, and, believe it or not, I use Dollar Store craft paints for everything else! I'm calling it done! Just added some dirty wash and a bit of drybrushing and I'm calling it complete. I...
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    I-7 Howlrunner WIP

    Re: I-7 Howlrunner WIP - Finished! Finished! I'm calling it done. I used the stand that came with the kit, but cut the acrylic rod in half, and put the base on a "shadow" of the ship made out of styrene. Hope you like it! :D
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    T-70 X-Wing Blue 4

    Thanks for the comments guys! Sorry no updates. Just had an emergency replacement of a water heater - which happens to be in my model building space, so everything is currently all over the place. Gotta clean it up now so I can get back to modelling!
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    T-70 X-Wing Blue 4

    Ah, yes you did! And it looks great, too!
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    T-70 X-Wing Blue 4

    So I finally decided to start building my Bandai T-70. All I knew I wanted to do with this kit was have it landed, and put in a standard Droid instead of BB-8. The only time you see Poe's blue X-wing is at the beginning of the movie landed before it's destroyed, so short of painting this one...
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    Ford GT40 - Auto

    Nice! I love that you've painted the shines on the windows and such! Great job!
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    TFA T-70 X-Wing Red Squadron

    Yep. Having said that, I still love the design and think it's a logical progression from the T-65. Looks great in red!
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    TFA T-70 X-Wing Red Squadron

    Great idea! I like how it looks. I think they were just a bit lazy in the movie - like they used the same ship for all the X-wing shots that weren't Poe's black one. Like the stripes on the wings - they all have the same number of stripes! Like they didn't know that the stripes are supposed...
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    I-7 Howlrunner WIP

    Okay! I'm mostly done on this one. I've dirtied it up a bit and put a few dings here and there, but I wanted it to look old but well cared for, so maybe not as beat up as some might do it. Anyway - finally got pictures uploaded. All I need to build for it now is a stand. Dang it! Never...
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    I-7 Howlrunner WIP

    I have more pictures to add, but am having trouble unloading my camera! I need to get an SD Card reader.
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    Bandai A-wing fighter "Jade Seven"

    Looks good! I won't be getting this kit as I like the smaller size for this scale, but very nice work! I love the green. Rear landing gear looks weird to me as I always assumed it landed on the rear wings. But, alas, that's a minor problem.