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    Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )

    I went there a few months ago. I thought the same but i watched people go in and out for 20 minutes while waiting for my wife in another store. I bought a couple kits from him, i would say fairly priced giving that its an actual brick store lol
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    Looking for a Gundam

    Hi all, Im looking for a Master Grade Strike Gundam + IWSP pack kit. If anyone has one out there that they don't want id love to buy it off you.
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    ModelMania 2021

    I hope to attend this year! With the virus my pregnant wife has her concerns about going, so we might just show up and drop off some kits and come back a little before awards to get some pictures. I really hope I can make it
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    I just found out about Don

    I feel Horrible, i have purchased stuff for years from DLM and just today found out he passed away a few months ago. So sad he was a good guy and really good for the community, I was going to place an order soon but now the only thing i have left is for my defiant grills. will treasure those...
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    At this moment

    Right now i just finished my 3rd 2-3 hour painting session on Master Grade Sazabi Ver. Ka.... and im sad to say i think i have 5-6 more to go... This kit is too much
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    At this moment

    you probably were. This hobby issuposed to be fun and if people are trying to take that away... better off
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    Monograms Old Voyager

    Looking really cool so far. I just got mine done and posted the last video... Voyager was my first kit like this and i feel like it took alot out of me to get it how i wanted... looking forward to seeing where u take it
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    USS Voyager Build

    Well, last video on Voyager. Posting this is a little late, thigs are back to crazy but im really proud of how she turned out, especially for my first attempt at making a kit like this and lighting it. Hope u guys like it! Voyager Part 8 The Finale
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    USS Voyager Build

    YAY fire was stopped! Next instalment of voyager. She's looking pretty good i think Voyager Part 7
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    USS Voyager Build

    My friends..... I have said some pics will be up soon, but a turn of events will delay progress. If you have heard of the RIMFIRE in Tuolumne county, CA You know its a bad situation. Today it was around 160,000(thats right) acres and 1-2% contained. This morning the fire was about ten miles from...
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    USS Voyager Build

    just a little update on how i plane to run the wires Voyager Part 6
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    USS Voyager Build

    thanks guys!
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    USS Voyager Build

    some more work on voyager. Its going slow but im making a lot of progress
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    1:72 Hasegawa F-105D

    looks good! im a sucker for the century series jets
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    Revell P-61 Black Widow

    Looking good! Iv got one of those in the stash and need to get to it some time.