Zimmerit applied


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Sep 8, 2022
My very first go at applying zimmerit coating. It's a bit messy, but I kind of like the imperfections and missing bits. Funny thing it wasn't on purpose to have the missing areas but it gives the tank some battel damage.


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So how did that acrylic plastic putty perform ?
Did you need to let it skin over first or did you tool it immediately upon application ?
The plastic putty worked really well.
Sometimes I would let it dry just a touch and sometimes I used it without drying. It worked a little better for me not letting it skin over.

I bought some cheap plastic tools; stamps and rollers which only made a big mess. The putty would stick in the grooves. I tried with a little touch of water but the pattern didn't hold and would still stick to those tools.
I ended up using the Tamiya tools.
I might try spending a little more for good zimmerit tools on the next one.
Wet tools are for epoxy .
That's only going to cause problems with a water base acrylic .
You are a braver man than I. Perhaps in the future I might try something like this. That aside, you did a great job and it looks the real deal. Well done.

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