You may have my cow, but you'll never get my goat!


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Apr 24, 2009
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Category: Diorama

Name of Build: You may have my cow, but you'll never get my goat!

Kit manufacturer: Pegasus

Scale: 1/32

After milking his cow Bessy, Farmer Bob started dragging sacks of potatoes back to the house. He hadn't gotten far when he heard a strange whurr. When he looked behind him, he saw the descending UFO. Farmer Bob ran for his Shotgun, but by the time he got back, the UFO had Bessy firmly in it's clutches, literally scaring the "tar" out of the poor cow! Sasha the dog watched like she wanted to go too, and Andromeda the goat took the opportunity to put in some quality munching time on Farmer Bob's overalls, exposing his posterior! Farmer Bob's foul were obliviously scouring the yard for vittles.

This kit started with the stock Pegasus UFO, and Scale Model Creations' cow stand and farmer. I took sticks from the yard to make the fence and cordwood. I used blue LED tape and RGB blinker LEDs for the UFO cockpit. The buckets, stool, and potatoes came from an army supply kit I had laying around, and the chicken, duck, dog, and goat came from Tamiya. I used spackel to form the ground, sprayed it with Valejo Air paints to make realistic dirt under the Woodland Creations turf.

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