Why I am kinda not here right now...


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Jun 27, 2021
Hey all. Figured I should post as to why I haven't been here for a bit, and likely won't be for at least a couple weeks.

In short, I have a medical issue going on. Its not serious, it is a urinary issue. There is something causing my bladder to spasm almost constantly which makes me feel like I gotta go all the time. I have a history of kidney stones and thought that is what it was, but it isn't. So I am not in any real pain, but feel very uncomfortable most of the time and I have to go alot. So my non work time the last few days has just been sitting or laying to be as comfortable as I can. Models are on hold for now, though I still am getting supplies for the Enterprise and if the meds I am to get tomorrow work then maybe I can get back at it. But I gotta see a urologist week after next as the hospital cannot pinpoint what the irritation is caused by.

Again though, its not serious, just more an annoyance. But right now its very draining.

I WILL BE BACK. And I WILL get back to modeling.

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