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Dec 8, 2009
Welcome to the SMAU forums. This is for those that are new into the hobby or just getting back into it. If you ARE new to the hobby, then this place is for you.

This is the start of the SMAU which will be a new section on our new website. Until then, the staff will be establishing the start of the SMAU here.

Post any questions you may have in this forum. As many of our more seasoned members here will jump in to help answer any questions, they my also be found directing you to other forum topics that may house your answers.

For the videos, we're making a bunch of them and should help you get into the hobby (or back into it). Most videos you see here will be basic techniques as will as detailed video builds that will help you pick up many tips and techniques just watching how someone does something.

We have many many more Tips and technique videos that are outside the realm of basic techniques. That can currently be found in the Resources section. You can also take a look at this topic for links to the video.

For our seasoned members, please help answer any questions people may have in this forum. These forum IS for those beginners. If you have a more direct question as a seasons modeler, please post them in the other forums in the "Let's talk Technique..." category.

Thank you for enrolling.
The SMA Crew
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