Watson on Mars


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Gregory Hawkins Watson
Shell Exploration Mars Station " MONTANA "
Hanger 15

Modified Ma.K " Friedrich " from Wave Co.
Laser ---> Rotary Hammer
Panzerfaust ---> Spot-lamp
Brush painted with acrylics over Tamiya lacquer primer .
( won First in " Robot & Mechanical Suit " and " Best of Fictional " @ this last Modelmania in Houston . April 27 , 2019 :) )

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Some WIP photos

I found these @ Hobby Lobby .
They worked perfectly for the amber safety beacon and the torch lens .
8 mm diameter .

The yellow needed only a shot of Future mixed with yellow ink to darken it slightly .

I replaced the plastic hoses with this woven hose sourced from HLJ .
Steel wire inserted to hold the shape .

The clear canopy parts were tinted with repeated dips into Future mixed with sepia flavored ink .

This was the Friedrich included in the kit I got for the Kuster used for the Hofnarr ,,, in the Modern Snacks thread that evidently didn't survive the rebirth of SMA :(

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The base is cut from a chunk of composite decking ( Trex Deck )

Primer'd with Stynylrez
Acrylic top-coats : brushed sides with the deck sprayed through a perforated steel plate

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Thanks !

I wanted only the KUSTER out of this set -- I can't take these style suits seriously as a fighting system . Too bo-bo , IMO .
More believable as an industrial rig .

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I saw your post of this in the Maschinen Krieger forum, but it's even better here to see your progress pics, Momo! This is a beautiful conversion!

I built my first Gustav a couple of months ago, the old Nitto kit. I assembled the suit with the pilot separate, so I could paint him. I figured he'd drop right in when the time came. But I found when I tried to fit him in, that he didn't fit between the arm holes! I had to file down the sides of his torso till I could slide him in. Did you find that with this kit, or did Wave engineer it better?


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Thanks , Baron .
I dry-fit the pilot during assembly to check and left those interior shoulder sections loose and closed them into place after he was affixed -- before the canopy parts were placed .


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Top notch!
Reference material.

Its a must to do something about the rubber tubes on these like you did here.

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