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Chris S

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Feb 14, 2011
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Hi all.

I would like to let all you wargamers know about some products that will only be available through The Modellers Nook (Belfast ) We are currently developing a range of Pillboxes ,Fortresses, Bunkers , Walls (straight & corners) Houses (Both complete & ruined ) along with farm houses & buildings , sea defences including Tobruk defences and some road sections .Although these are aimed at the wargamers ,they can also be included in 1/72nd scale dios or used inconjunction with other pieces to create a Dio .
Some items are already available and have been well recieved by local gamers ,over the next number of weeks / months I will be adding reviews here as products become available ,Starting with this piece ...Corner Pillbox.

If you would like more information on these products please contact me via PM .

We will also have a number of these & other products with us at the IMSS show Dublin 12/13 May .

Thanks for looking.