WANTED: Kits, will pay top dollar


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May 7, 2009
To kick start this forum, I guess I shall put down my wanted list:

I am looking for this kit:


I am also looking for a 1:35 Dragon Japanese infantry kit.

I will pay top dollar.

Maybe try these guys?

I suspect their item availability info is out of date ("List last checked 13/01/05") - but they say they've got it and so it might be worth asking 'em.
Chas, you could also email Scott at Elm City Hobbies. He has a knack for finding kits that are hard to find. He is member Elm City Hobbies here. You can PM him

tetsujin! Welcome man. Great to have you here.
Hey there Chas,

I had a look at my suppliers to see if those 2 items were available....

The Italeri set is is long OOP.....however the Dragon set...do you know the number on it???

Is it? DML-6044 1/35 Japanese Army Infantry Iwo Jima 1945 (4)

If so one of my suppliers has it listed, whether they actually have it or not....is another story, but I can check for you. Looking at about $12CDN plus shipping.

You can reply here, PM me, or shoot me an e-mail if you are interested.
G'day guys, I have managed to track down the accessories. Thanks for the suggestion tetsujin, I did check with them and it is out of stock.

Hi Scott, thanks for taking the time to look for the kits! I am currently in contact with a member who has a spare 6044 kit, but I will let you know if the trade falls through.

Thanks for the help!

Chas ;)

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