Viper Mk. VII - "The Arrow of Apollo"


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Apr 24, 2009
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Category: Sci Fi

Name of Build: Viper Mk. VII - "The Arrow of Apollo"

Kit manufacturer: Mobeus

Scale: 1:32

The rescue from New Caprica was accomplished, but not before losing the Pegasus and other essential craft throughout the fleet. Had it not been for Commander Lee Adama, who disobeyed his father’s orders to lead the remnants of the human race to Earth if the Admiral did not return in twelve hours, the mission would have failed, resulting in the loss of the Galactica and over half of the remaining human race.
In honor of his sacrifice and heroic efforts to save mankind, his fellow Viper pilots along with the Raptor pilots and deck crew of the Galactica commissioned a custom Viper Mk. VII. “The Arrow of Apollo”, named for the mythical arrow from the Delphi museum on Caprica, retrieved by Kara Thrace (call sign Starbuck) has the markings similar to those of a Mk. II, with red flashing but on a bare metal body.
In addition to the new fighter, Capitain Adama was also issued a golden helmet signifying his elevated status with the other pilots of Galactica. The Arrow saw a tremendous amount of action after the fleet left New Caprica up until the planet later named “Earth” was found and mankind gave up all technology and luxury to begin again.
This model was built out of the box except for a kit bashed tub which sports an array of buttons, levers, switches and free-hand monitors. The model’s engines were illuminated by three 3mm blue LEDs and a custom stand was constructed from 1/8 inch plywood.
All of the paint was applied with an airbrush except for the tub details, the guns and the intake grilles. The canopy was dipped in acrylic prior to assembly.
Weathering was done with inks and washes.

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