Vallejo surface primer help


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Nov 10, 2011
Just started using Vallejo surface primer black tonight and it's having a hard time in my AB. It seems to dry on the needle tip in seconds, i believe it comes ready mixed for AB use so after a good shake i just dropped some straight in the cup @ about 20 PSI. All seemed well for a few minutes then i noticed my airflow was going up and down and the end of the AB needle had a good thick coating, so i cleaned out and started again @ about 15 PSI but the problem continued! ::)

Am i doing something wrong? Do i need thinners? Is my air pressure wrong?

Not sure what else to try, im still very new to airbrushing. :p

Ah so Vallejo dries out fast does it? KK mate i'll grab some of that stuff, thought i was doing something newbie and dumb! lol

While i'm thinking of it can you get AB holders? I got one fixed to my compressor but thats on the floor and its an ass pain having to keep reaching down to put the AB somewhere safe and upright! lol
Oh god.....if i go back on emodels site i just know im gonna buy one of those KV-2 models and some PE for it!! Damn my weak will. lol

I use Media ab cleaner, it came with the AB and it seems ok, but i see that Vallejo cleaner also lubricates as well....sweet. ;D

When I use th Vallejo Primer I'll drop a lil' bit of Their Thinner( 17ml Black Cap) in th cup with it & I actually shoot it at 30psi , sometimes ya gotta be quick when trying to cover a tight spot, but ...
I also keep a #0 , or #1 brush handy & dip it in water & just run it around th Needle of th AB to clear it out. I think if you use AB cleaner , you may inadvertently shoot it onto th Model :eek: , at least with th Water , it'll just come out a lil' thinner ...... Just a thought .

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