Unofficial SMA GBs and Archives


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Dec 8, 2009
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As we are usually running contests, we want to keep to a minimum of 2 or 3 active official GBs. However, since group builds usually run along a long timeline, there are often subjects members would like to see as a Group Build so they can build things together.

As a member we want to encourage participation so we will use this forum for unofficial GBs that members can start on their own.

First off, as a member, you will have to be the one who coordinates the build. It's your responsibility and you need to follow the guidelines below:

1) Post a topic with a title of your Group Build. In this topic, be detailed about how long you want to run this GB, the restrictions and details of the models, scale... etc., what it's about and give references to the subject at hand. This thread will handle your build updates. You can direct your participants to post their reveal topics at the appropriate showroom forum in the "Let's Build Something!" category.

2) The subject of your group build MUST be specific to the point of being a special interest. i.e. don't try and create a group and say, "Let's build a tank!", rather select a specific tank to build, "Building the M1 Abram".

3) You must get at least 3 people interested and to join in to make it an active group build.

4) You must keep the group build active and going. Any GB deemed inactive, we'll remove.

To be fair, if I see that a member has come up with a GB that has many people interested and committed to it (let's say 5 or more participants), I will make a sub-forum for that build to handle the numbers.

If you really like to jump in and run a member GB, then I encourage you to do it! You might see me participating as well. :) All we ask is to keep it active and going. :)