Uniforms for Stug IV crew


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As far as I know, uniforms for a Stug IV crew can be black (if SS) or Field grey for a lot of other units. I'm building Tamiya's 1/35 Stug IV and don't want the crew to be SS, and I don't have field grey. Is Panzer olivgrun at all a plausible colour for such a crew? German grey perhaps? I've got lots of greys and greens, but not the field grey, which I understand is supposed to be kind of greenish. Suggestions? The tank, by the way, will be dunkelgelb

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Traditionally black for Panzers, field grey for artillery or spg's like the stug is. There were many uniform manufacturers each with different shades so there's really a lot of room to mix you're own shade.


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Swanningabout -

Reed Green was also a color that showed up later & more likely with the crew of the Late War STUG IV. Depending on the time of the year these could made of Wool,Denim,Haring Bone Twill (HBT)The STUG crews were about as autonomous as you could get with in the German Army. From the directives as to what type of camo- Stug units were the only units that were given permission to match there exact terrain that th time. Other units could field apply camo( happened all the time), but were restricted to a loosely forced doctrine of pattern & size. To the style of uniform. Depending on how long you had been with the unit, you could have a collection of issued Panzer Wraps. Some officers had their uniforms tailored.

Here's an example of the HBT Reed Green Stug Crew Panzer Wrap ( Heers Unit)​

Hope that helps \m/\m/