Trouble with gloss coat and enamel thinner


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Mar 21, 2021
HI All,

I am new to this forum and new to modeling. I started it as my "pandemic hobby" about a year ago, and I am learning so much. There is one problem that has cropped up several times and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I was making this P-38j from Italieri and it was going ok. I had trouble with the weathering. If you look at the underside of the wing, and the middle tail section, you will see that some of the paint has rubbed off. So here is what I did, and I am not sure which part was a mistake.

I painted the model using Vallejo acrylic brush paint. Once finished, I sprayed a coat of Tamiya spray clear gloss coat TS-13. I then did the decals and let dry. I did another coat of TS-13. I let it sit for a day. Then I put some Tamiya panel enamel panel liner. I let it dry, and started to brush it off using cotton pads and q-tips dipped in Testors enamel thinner. The enamel thinner when right through everything and took off the paint on the under side of the plane.

Any tips on where I went wrong? Why would enamel thinner take off acrylic paint? I have seen this done a dozen times in various videos and have no idea. I suspect maybe my gloss coat was not thick enough? I welcome any help.
May 27, 2010
Just saw your post. You have to let the paints cure for at least a couple of days or more when doing washes. You used an enamel wash over the Tamiya lacquer that would have been ok if the lacquer was fully cured. I don’t like using solvent washes over lacquer just in case so I use Flory Washes that are water based and safe to use on any paint and easily wipe off.

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