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I know many of us have bought many kits on impulse to decide later on that they will probably never get around to building it. Some of us even have several started kits that they will never finish. Others have bits and pieces and decals from kits that they will never use. What I thought might be a good thread idea is one where a person can post impulse buys and leftovers they would like to unload and what they would like in return. Yes, this is pretty much what this whole sub-forum is for, but sometimes it isn't worth a whole topic for just a single kit, some ordinance from a kit, or some decals. You can also post started kits to see if anyone else would want to have a go at them.

Later this week I'll post the large assortment of ordinance from my HB 1/48 F-111D/E kit that I have no plans on using.

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I would just say added into the "Buy/Sell" part of the forum.

Might even be talked into making it a sticky topic if it is just for trading parts or something.

Otherwise just create a new thread in the Buy/Sell.


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Impulse buys? Kits I just won't live long enough to build? There's gotta be 4 or 5 hundred of those around here somewhere. Ha ha ha, why my wife tolerates my addiction I just don't know. What are ya lookin' for?


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Is looking for any types of Nascar or F1 kits to buy at a cheap or reasonable price. If anyone has any they want to unload or get rid of Im your buyer. Let me know what ya have and what youd like to get for them and Ill PM you. Thanks in advance. IF it has four wheels and goes fast Im into building it :D Even 2 wheels in regards to a motorcycle haha

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