Tiger Werke Roadside Monument #2


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May 15, 2010


Tiger Productions Diorama
Catalogue No. TW35090
Scale 1-35
Cost 14.00 USD
Availability In release
Rating 7 out of 10
Media Resin

Tiger Werke is an imprint of Tiger Productions Diorama. They release many items for the modelers based on a variety of media. This one is the second roadside monument.

Inside a well packed box with a full color label that doubles as a seal, we find the one piece casting. It is in a lightweight resin. The color is reminiscent of marble and it does have the correct luster but the style of sculpting is of the type found on coarser stones.





The example did have flash to remove and the right hand was missing its digits. Aside from the air bubbles found at that location, there were numerous resin balls, where it filled bubbles in the mold, around various areas.



After seven minutes of work removing the flash and the resin balls, I went back over some of the details to carve them. The resin is quite easy to work with and I was able to redefine some of the folds as well as deepen some areas.

The statue itself is 7cm tall on a plinth for a total height of 9.4cm. Even though the statue is listed as 1/35th scale, it will work well in other scales.

For some reason, it reminds me of the statues I would find in religious stores to place on a mantle or dashboard. The price does seem a bit steep. However, it is unique enough that it can be a great addition to a scene. The missing fingers can be modeled as damage.

Thanks to Tiger Productions for this sample provided to me at the 2011 AMPS Nationals.


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May 22, 2009
With some paint, that should look nice.
And, since it's designed as a monument, you could chalk some of the flaws as "weathering damage"

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